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One of the most promising players in social search besides Google and Microsoft. Frederic Lardinois
Wajam has created a more useful social search experience for Google than Google could. Sarah Kessler
Wajam is going beyond the desktop with social recommendations for iOS users. Kelly Clay
Wajam can mash-up social signals from all of the biggest players to give users a one-stop shop for social search. Ki Mae Heussner
The social search service Wajam has figured out a hack to insert its content on Apple’s default apps Liz Gannes
Wajam’s social search seems nonintrusive, is completely opt-in, and has one very important feature Google’s Search Plus Your World lacks: incorporated Facebook and Twitter results. Miranda Miller
Is place-based social network data useful when placed beside search results? Maybe. I like the idea a lot. Marshall Kirkpatrick
For those who like the idea of social search but not Google's approach to it, there is another way. David F. Carr
A handy tool for anyone who values the opinions of their networks. Brodie Beta
Serial entrepreneur Martin-Luc Archambault has found a solid niche in the online world of social searching with Montreal-based Wajam Inc. Craig Elias
Wajam's developers were right: [opinions from friends] were of far more use to us than any professional restaurant critic's review. CNET staff
What's nice about Wajam is that it can present you with search results from Facebook, Twitter and Google+ including private results if you give it the clearance to do so. Frederic Lardinois
Wajam named one of 5 Montreal startups to watch in 2012. Alain McKenna
I think these guys are getting social search better than just about everybody. Chris Crum
Wajam appears to be miles ahead of the efforts of search giants which are looking for ways to make Web searches more social. Jason Magder